Valentine’s Day Decor: Farmhouse Style

Valentine's Day Decor


We don’t make a huge fuss over Valentine’s Day like some couples do. Pre-kids there would be a nice dinner out and a small gift. Now it’s a card and that’s about it. I do enjoy celebrating with the kids though!

Some years I do an amazing Pinterest worthy Valentine’s card for classmates and other years we go the lazy route and just do store bought valentines. We are doing both this year. The preschooler is giving his friends boxes of crayons with a cute little saying and the third grader is handing out Star Wars store bought valentines that come with tattoos. All that matters is that they are happy. My oldest is a 6th grader so no more parties for him.

For our mantel I kept it my simple winter neutral look and just added a fun banner from the Target bargain area. If you are not already checking (or stalking in my case) it seasonally you must go!!! They have the cutest accessories and everything is $5 or less.


Christmas Tree Shops is another store that always has cute seasonal decor. I found this pillow for $10! Don’t mind my little photobombing piglet Neil. He is obsessed with me! Neil follows me all over the house nudging me constantly. If you think it would get annoying after a while you would be correct. You can see more of his antics on Instagram. Having a pig is fun but he is very mischievous!


This frame gets changed out each season. I came across this free printable from We Heart Parties on Pinterest. If you would like to print one of your own follow this link. She has five available!


My kitchen does not get much holiday love. The shelves were finally put up this weekend (after living under my couch since November!!!) so I had to give them a little something. This heart sign is also from the Target bargain area for $3.



For the bathroom I also kept it simple and just added a candle holder with an apple cinnamon candle.



My dining room was the last room that I decorated. Again it was the Target bargain area for the win. I found this love sign for $3. IMG_9793

I also found this Be Mine banner and the two smaller signs there. The framed picture was made back in my scrapbooking days with my Cricut machine.



I hope you enjoyed my Valentine’s Day tour! For more ideas follow my Pinterest board


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  1. love your blog! gotta say that neil made me lol. most people have their pooches or kitties photo bombing, a pig not so much. very cute & i can see how it would get annoying since my sweet lab follows me all over the house to the point where i’m tripping over her. they just want to be with us – things could be worse right? i’m a jersey girl too, living in california now. love all your v-day decor- the target $ bins get me every.time.too! xo- maryjo

  2. I LOVE these tours. I feel like I’m a part of the family. I hope that when I have kiddies I’ll have nice activities like you do. Until then I’ll live vicariously through you!

  3. I love how you added little touches here and there without overdoing it! Everything is so cute and inexpensive. Makes me want to get on with my Mardi Gras decorations!

  4. Love these ideas…I think I will be doing a little Valentines decor myself now! Looks like Neil is enjoying the Valentines decor too! X

  5. Love what you did for Valentine’s Day! So pretty, the red and white combo pairs perfectly with your decor. Even better that you purchased everything at a great price! Great job!

  6. LOVE that pot bellied pig!!!! I read they are super smart. I totally understand having a pig in the house. I had a sick chicken in my laundry room a month or so ago…not forever of course but just while I need to nurse poor Anna back to health. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

    • InCharge08753 says:

      Thank you! Yes he is extremely smart! Eventually he will live outside but since he’s still a baby (3 months old) we have him in. The only way I want a chicken inside is if they are sick too!! Luckily mine have been ok so far. 🙂

  7. Oh My Goodness I am in love with that Pig, your home is so pretty too! Do you live on a farm.?

    • InCharge08753 says:

      Thank you! I would call us a hobby or mini farm. Our vet called us a “Disney Farm” where all of the animals have names and no one gets eaten. haha. I live out in the country on 2 1/4 acres and we have chickens, outdoor rabbits plus Neil the pig.

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