Teen Boy’s Bedroom Makeover: $100 Room Challenge Week Two

$100 room challenge

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Welcome to week two of the $100 Room Challenge hosted by Erin of Lemons, Lavender and Laundry!  If you are not familiar with the challenge you can read about it here. For this month I am making over my teenage son’s bedroom. It’s in need of some major help, mostly of the cleaning variety! The before pictures can be seen in Week One.

So when we left off last week my son’s room was a total disaster. I’m ashamed to say it got worse before it got better. He was told to empty his closet and then I would come up and help. I was not prepared for this!!!

Jersey Girl in the South Teen Boy's Bedroom makeover

I told him get some garbage bags and start cleaning! Well 6 kitchen garbage bags full of trash later I could actually walk into the room again. In his hoard he found binders from 4th grade, old school projects, boxes from Legos, broken hangers and clothes that were two sizes too small that he swore he didn’t have when I was looking for them to hand down to his brother. It’s amazing what you can find when you actually clean!!

Anyway, the closet was emptied and swept. I was dying from the dust but determined to get this done in one day. The closet is long and it is hard to see anything in the back. We decided some good lighting would really help but there are no fixtures in there. Instead of hiring an electrician we had to get creative. Amazon had these wireless lights with a remote that runs on batteries. Perfect!

Jersey Girl in the South Teen Boy's Bedroom makeover


They are nice and bright LED lights. He will have a much easier time finding his clothing now. What a difference! The remote mounted with double sided adhesive so no drilling was a big plus too! It took us all of 30 seconds to install them.

Jersey Girl in the South Teen Boy's Bedroom makeover
After we sorted through what actually needs to go into the closet we loaded everything in. Do you see what I see? Empty space!!! He can actually walk into the closet and reach what is in the back! We did not spend any other money this week. The shoe bin was already in the closet. His suitcase and sleeping bag fit perfectly on the shelf too and he had extra room in the back to store some of his robotics sets.

$100 Room Challenge teen boy's bedroom makeover jersey girl in the south

Jersey Girl in the South Teen Boy's Bedroom makeover

Please don’t mind the trim that obviously needs another coat of paint. The trim in this room was previously the brown that is in the rest of my house and it takes 3 coats of white to cover it. I only managed to have enough paint left when I did the navy to do two coats. Eventually it will get done. Probably years from now when he leaves for college but I am ok with that!

I saved the best part for last. The door can actually close now without a fight! It’s a miracle!

Jersey Girl in the South Teen Boy's Bedroom makeover


So let’s do a budget recap:

Budget $100

Money Spent $23.99

Money Left to Spend $76.01

If you would like to purchase the lights they are available through my affiliate link. It does not cost you anything extra and it helps to support my blog. Thanks!

We are supposed to get some warmer weather later this week and I’m hoping to get some painting done! Check back next Wednesday for more progress pictures. Please visit the other $100 room challenge participants below!

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  1. I just love how much of a difference organization makes. I absolutely will be buying some of those lights! I’m looking forward to see what you’ll do with this room!

  2. Those lights are amazing. I need them for several of my closets!

  3. Holy moly at the stuff!!! You had your work cut out for you but what a huge difference it makes. And those closet lights are fantastic. My son’s closet doesn’t have a light so I might just have to borrow that idea!

  4. Oh my goodness, I wouldn’t have been prepared for that either!

  5. Those lights are awesome! I can think of a few places I could use those in my house. And your son’s room looks a lot like my daughter whenever she cleans out her closet!

  6. Good job cleaning out that closet! I’m trying not to think about how messy my kid’s rooms are. 🙂

  7. Tracy, I think you tackled the biggest project in his room…the closet! You go, Momma!

  8. It’s amazing how much a little organization can change a space and the lighting idea in the closet is amazing! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  9. Wow, that was a lot of stuff! I have teenagers too and it’s amazing the things they hold on tow without realizing it. I really like those lights! That’s a great idea.

  10. Those lights are a great find! And it’s amazing the difference that cleaning out can make- I need to do this with my oldest and his closet!

  11. Those lights are an awesome find! Do they actually have a switch that you turn on and off like a regular lightswitch (only the lights run on batteries)? What an easy way to get light where you need it without a huge hassle! Looks like the cleaning out phase was successful. Can’t wait to see where this room ends up!

    • InCharge08753 says:

      Yes! The remote is also battery operated and attached to the wall with double sided sticky adhesive. Thanks!

  12. Those lights are awesome!! What a great idea!

  13. Great score on those lights! I’m going to check them out. We have a couple spots in our basement storage area that are so dark. It looks like you are making progress!

  14. The closet looks so neat and tidy {I’m jealous lol} I’m also getting some of the lights, for basically all the closets!

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