Teen Boy’s Bedroom Makeover: $100 Room Challenge The Reveal



Welcome to  Week Five (the reveal!!) of the $100 Room Challenge hosted by Erin of Lemons, Lavender and Laundry!  If you are not familiar with the challenge you can read about it here. For this month I am making over my teenage son’s bedroom. It’s in need of some major help, mostly of the cleaning variety! The before pictures can be seen in Week One , the closet makeover can be found in Week Two , the new paint was debuted in Week Three and the organized desk was revealed in Week Four.

Let’s remember what the room looked like before. Filthy, disorganized and general chaos. I really don’t know how he managed living in that mess. It stressed me out just looking at it!

$100 room challenge makeover teen boy bedroom jersey girl in the south before

And now here is the after!!! I am happy to say that I checked off every goal! Here is a reminder of what I had hoped to accomplish from week one.

  1. Replace the bedding. His old set has seen better days.
  2. Display shelving for all of his creations.
  3. New art work
  4. Lighten the walls with a fresh coat of paint. I do love the paint color but the dark color is too much for this room.
  5. New storage options for both the closet and bedroom itself.
  6. A functional organized desk area that is conducive to completing homework.

100 room challenge teen boy bedroom jersey girl in the south

Ahhh!!! It’s clean, bright and organized! I am no longer having anxiety when I have to go in! My son is much happier now too!

100 room challenge teen boy bedroom jersey girl in the south

The new wall color made a huge difference in how the room feels. While it’s never going to be filled with natural light due to having only one window it is much better with the new wall colors.

100 room challenge teen boy bedroom jersey girl in the south

I shopped the house and found some new decor that was a bit masculine for his bedroom. While he still has Legos displayed it feels more grown up now.

I was also able to knock off the last item of my initial goal list this week: storage. This bookcase was found at Goodwill for $20.25. From donating frequently I was able to buy it for $16.20 using my 20% discount card. Every time you donate you receive a stamp on your card. Once it’s full they allow you to use it towards 20% off of a $20 or more purchase.  Luckily I found out that tip from a fellow blogger and it has saved me quite a bit of money.

100 room challenge teen boy bedroom jersey girl in the south

All of his “creations” can be displayed properly now instead of taking over his desk and anywhere else he could squeeze them in. I also purchased another storage piece for the room, these awesome old lockers. They were purchased from the store where I have my vendor booth for $25. I knew it put me over budget buying them but for the coolness factor it was totally worth it. He keeps his massive book collection inside.  His friend had him over to his house one afternoon and they painted this piece of art together. Perfect for my budget!!!

100 room challenge teen boy bedroom jersey girl in the south

Let’s talk budget.

Budget $100

Money Spent

Closet Lights $23.99

Paint and Supplies $32

Bedding set $13.49

Lamp $5.99

Desk Organizer $1

Lockers $25

Bookshelf $16.20

Money spent: $117.67

Sale of Lamps +$15

Money spent total $102.67

Overspent by $2.67

I think it was worth going over budget for this room! What do you think? This challenge has been so much fun and I can’t wait until the next one!

Teen Boy's Bedroom Makeover

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  1. I love how this turned out! Those lockers are perfect! How does your son like it?!

  2. Wow! What a huge difference just the paint along made. I love those lockers too. What a steal!

  3. Wow! I cannot believe how far you were able to go with $100! This is an amazing transformation! And those lockers were totally worth the splurge! Love this space!

  4. Incredible job!!! Fingers crossed it stays tidy 😂

  5. Wow. What a great makeover. Your boy’s room is so tranquil looking. The best part is that it will last forever, or as long as you want it too. Would even make a nice guest room in the future.

  6. Love how it turned out! His creation shelf is so cool!

  7. Your son’s before pictures look like my daughter’s room right now! This turned out beautifully though, so maybe there’s hope for her room too. I love the gray color and all the storage options. I bet he does too!

  8. LOVE IT!!! That paint color on the walls was huge! It look so much brighter. And I love the locker. We found one for my son’s room as well; they add such a fun element. Everything looks wonderful! Thanks for joining the challenge for another round!

  9. Leigh at Little by Little Farmhouse says:

    His room came out awesome! I love it…perfect for a boy. And what a bargain for the shelf and lockers! Wow!!
    Great job!

  10. Love the angles in this room. He must love his new space!!

  11. I have little boys now so I get to decorate their rooms however I want. I am not looking forward to the day they have their own opinions! This room turned out great. Those lockers and the bookshelf were fantastic finds!

  12. Oh my gosh! It’s amazing and I can’t believe the difference!! You totally rocked this makeover and it looks perfect. I love how he’s still got some sentimental stuff displayed while still looking like a grown up boy’s room. And those lockers – what a steal!!

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