Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint: Kitchen Table and Chairs Makeover

Kitchen Table and Chairs Makeover

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. I have received free paint from Amy Howard at Home in exchange for an honest review. You may view my disclosure here.


If you’re a regular reader of my blog you know I love a good bargain. My kitchen table and chairs were a huge score! Years ago I found the table at a yard sale for $10. It was in sad shape and filthy. After cleaning it up and painting the legs white it moved into my craft room as my scrapbooking table. That was in my last house two kids ago when I had the luxury of having an entire crafting room to myself! Now my work space is the dining room table.



When we moved I used the kitchen table for an actual kitchen table. Originally I had different chairs but have since given them to a friend. Browsing Goodwill one afternoon I found these ladder back chairs. All four chairs were only $35!! They just needed a little love. Someone had spray painted them black but they got pretty beat up from use afterwards. Luckily Amy Howard at Home offered me free paint for a makeover project in exchange for an honest review. This set was the perfect project! I went with the One Step Paint in Black.


Our little mini pig Neil caused a lot of destruction the few months he was living indoors. He would drag his puppy playpen around the kitchen making black paint marks all over the white table legs. It looked horrible! Instead of repainting the table base white again I decided to go all black with the set.  I’m glad I did as I’m loving the look now! This paint requires no prep work which makes life so much easier. Of course you do want to start with clean surfaces. The paint also has no odor so I am able to use it indoors. Huge plus for me as I don’t have a garage to work in.



Before I got started I used brown paper grocery bags to protect the rush seats on the chairs. First I cut them in half and then I clipped the corners. Using painter’s tape I secured the bags to the seats of the chairs.



Per the instructions I opened the paint and let it sit out for 20 minutes to thicken up. The consistency is great as it’s not as drippy as regular paint. Using a 1 1/2″ paintbrush I got started on the table.



The first coat covered the white well but the second coat really finished it off nicely. I love that the dry time is only 30 minutes. Finishing a project quickly is very important to me!



One of the chairs had a crack in the top rung. I decided to use a matching chair I also found at Goodwill for $8 to replace it. In two coats I was able to take the brown chair and transform it black. This picture was taken during the first coat of paint. The coverage is great! You are unable to tell which chair it is now after two coats. The rest of the chairs only received one coat just to freshen them up. When they dried I did not feel that a second coat was necessary.


Just a few hours after starting my project the kitchen and family room were back to normal. I had minimal cleanup too!


Here is the before and after. I am loving the black! What do you think?



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Quick and easy kitchen update!

Farmhouse Kitchen Update

Farmhouse Kitchen Update


When I was daydreaming about my new house in the country I imagined a typical farmhouse style kitchen with white cabinets, a large farm sink and lots of beadboard. It would be decorated with antique kitchen items, glass canisters and neutral colors. Then we found this home. The kitchen was remodeled a few years ago and I adore the custom cabinets they put in. There is more than enough room for all of our things plus we have storage drawers and a lazy susan. The only con for me is the color.

The chocolate brown tile and countertops are neutral enough to match most colors although they would not have been my choice. Brown shows every little crumb and I have 3 very messy boys. The appliances are all fairly new and stainless which is the finish we prefer, even with little handprints. Most of all it was move in ready and required no additional work. My husband was thrilled. I, on the other hand, envisioned all of the ways I could update it for the look I wanted.

In our last two homes I had painted the cabinets (white in NJ, black in our last home). While wood cabinetry is beautiful I much prefer painted ones. I mentioned how I could not wait to paint these white, add some more trim and a beadboard backsplash. I was met with a big fat NO. Normally my husband lets me do whatever I want in our home as far as decorating goes. This was his hill to die on so I agreed to leave them alone. For now… If you know me things rarely remain the same for long periods of time. Instead I decided to change my plan and go with something a little more fun than I had originally envisioned. I picked out colorful decorations to help my kitchen stand out from the typical neutral farmhouse style kitchens I see online.

Here is the before:



And now the after:

First we swapped out the lighting fixtures for ones that were more our style. The ones the previous owners had installed were beautiful but just not my taste. I found just what I was looking for at Lowe’s. The funky chicken wire ceiling lights are fun but my favorite is the glass pendant over the sink. The kitchen receives a ton of light from both the sliding glass door and the window. It does not obstruct my view of the woods and pool.

Next I changed out all of the nickel cabinet hardware over to oil rubbed bronze pulls and knobs as well as the kitchen faucet. Having a pull down sprayer is really useful and leaves a spot open for the soap dispenser. Unfortunately we could not come to an agreement on which backsplash we wanted so we decided to put that project off until another time. I am thinking a faux brick wall and he wants tile. We shall see… Stay tuned!



After that my husband changed out the plugs and switches over to new white ones. It is not fun when you plug in the toaster or vacuum and it just falls out from the socket being worn out. We are slowly converting the whole house over. Lastly I decided to repaint. The kids had been begging for a chalkboard wall for years and I finally gave in. The little one is having a blast drawing on the wall. It’s messy but nothing the vacuum can’t handle.

The walls were originally painted the same as the rest of the house. Eggshell paint and children do not mix well so satin it is! The magic eraser had taken the finish off of the wall where I tried to clean. I decided not to reuse the same color and go a little bolder while still remaining neutral. I went with Valspar’s Woodlawn Sterling Blue. The color is part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation line. I find that you can not go wrong with these colors. We will also be painting the kid’s playroom and upstairs hallway with the same paint.


When it came time to put the decorations back up my middle one asked if he could help. I put the word EAT on the wall and he suggested we make a fun and funky gallery wall. We grabbed a few things that were previously in the kitchen and stole the rest from other rooms. I let him tell me where everything should go. I think it looks a little too much like an old school TGIFriday’s wall from the early 90’s but he is so proud of his decorating. I will leave it up for a while and honestly it is growing on me. After all it is their house too.



chalk painted our rush seat bench in a peacock blue to play off of my rooster painting.  The chairs received some new bright yellow fabric. The old fabric had been on for a few years and matched the French Country style of our last home. With three boys (have I mentioned how messy they are!!!) it was time for an update anyway.




IMG_1520PicMonkey Collage

Source list:

Lighting: Lowe’s

Flushmount lights no longer available

Paint: Valspar Woodlawn Sterling Blue in Satin


Hardware: Amazon

Pie sign:


Check back for phase two this summer!



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