Farmhouse Budget Laundry Room Makeover: $100 Room Challenge The Reveal


Welcome back to the final week of the $100 Room Challenge hosted by Erin of Lemons, Lavender and Laundry! If you are not familiar with the challenge you can read about it here. A group of bloggers have a $100 budget to make over a room in their home. In week one I introduced you to my laundry room. The second week I shared some of my progress. Last week I got some more work completed. It is a disaster and I am hoping to turn it into a beautiful space that I will no longer be embarrassed for friends and family to see!

When I left off last week I had so much that needed to be completed. It took me an extra two days to finish! Seeing the results, it was worth the wait! The first week I introduced to the goals for this makeover. I’m happy to say I was able to check off all of them but one. I opted to install a barn door instead of a folding table. Unfortunately on my tight budget I was not able to do both.

  1. Flooring. This hideous floral beat up vinyl has got to go.
  2. Add a washing machine drain pan. The pan is more of a need than a want as we don’t need a flood!
  3. Paint. The walls are really dingy and marked up.
  4. Functionality. I need some sort of folding countertop or table. Currently I fold clothes on my bed and I would prefer not to transfer laundry into my bedroom. Sometimes it ends up not leaving!
  5. Organization. Right now things are haphazardly thrown onto the shelves and on top of the machines. A few things, like my old Cricut machine, do not belong in this room.
  6. Make it pretty.

Let’s take a look at the before pictures. Messy, disorganized, and chaotic are all words that come to mind when thinking about my laundry room in its previous state.



And now for the afters! I would say it’s bright, clean and a place I will no longer be embarrassed for guests to see! The barn door was a labor of love and came with a learning curve. Pinterest was very handy when looking for design ideas but we ultimately went with our own made up plan. Incorporating wood that was left over from my master bedroom makeover was the only way to make it possible to add the barn door without killing the budget.


I was planning to paint the barn door the same color as our trim paint but after discussing it with some friends I decided to leave natural like my bedroom ceiling. Staining it would have been another good option but I did not want the area to feel too dark with the flooring. Plus I’m kind of lazy and this required no additional work.




Luckily I did not have to take down the entire gallery wall. At the top we had to remove a few pieces to fit the barn door hardware on the wall. The barn door has enough space behind it so it does not hit the picture frames.

I can guarantee I will never come to love doing the laundry but having a pretty space to be in will certainly help! Now let’s talk numbers. Unfortunately I went over my budget a little bit but I think it was worth it!

Budget $100


Crate $3

Barn Door Hardware $45.99

Mason Jar Drink Dispenser $7.88

Mason Jar Drink Dispenser $7.88

Screws $2.67

Door handle $2.97

1×6 Wood for the door $25.57

1×6 Wood to mount the hardware $6.07

Mendplate $1.67

Total Spent: $103.70

Over budget by $3.70

Before you go check out what my fellow bloggers were up to this week. This challenge has been so much fun and I hope to participate in another one in the future!

Budget Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover

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  1. This look amazing!!!! I love how everything turned out! So organized and cute! And that barn door! Stunning!

  2. Janet Franklin says:

    Tracy, love it!!! It turned out great.

  3. it looks soo good! I love barn doors! Hopefully, I’ll have one that looks as good as yours one day!

  4. This space is amazing! What a transformation. So clean and bright! LOVE that barndoor! Totally worth the extra 3+ dollars. I am so glad you decided to participate in another round! While you may never come to enjoy doing laundry (who does?) you do have a beautiful space to do it in now 🙂

  5. Girl that barn door turned out amazing and so did your makeover! I can’t believe how affordable it was! Great job! Now I want one in my house!

    • InCharge08753 says:

      Thank you Kelly!! I’ve been wandering around trying to figure out where I can put a second one!

  6. This looks incredible. I can’t believe how inexpensively you managed to do this. That barn door looks fantastic and it probably makes it feel so much bigger. Love all of it!

  7. I love everything about this makeover! The flooring is gorgeous, the door is perfect in that neutral color, and the whole effect is amazing. Nailed it!

  8. AMAZING! The floor and door are beautiful and I love the decor you used. Beautiful transformation.

  9. What a beautiful transformation! Love how bright it feels and that barn door is fantastic!

  10. InCharge08753 says:

    Thank you for featuring me! I appreciate it!!


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